The Best Gifts for Bikepacking: 2016

Looking for gift ideas for an avid bikepacker this year? Our 2016 Bikepacking Gift Guide has our favorite trail-proven bikepacking gifts for every price range.

There are few crowds more difficult to shop for than bikepackers. While we share the ultralight-obsession with our backpacking brethren, strapping your gear to a bike and riding across punishing terrain can make gear selection complicated. Each item below is something we’ve used and feel would be a great addition to any bikepacker’s kit.

Stocking Stuffers (Under $25)

Trangia Alcohol Stove and TOAKS 600ml pot
Trangia Stove with Evernew Titanium Cross Stand and TOAKS Titanium 600ml Pot
  • Trangia Alcohol Stove | $14
    At just 2.85″ x 1.75″, this 3.8oz stove is small enough for any pack and gets the job done at a reasonable price. Add an Evernew Titanium Cross Stand and 125ml Nalgene fuel bottle to complete the setup. One word of caution – in freezing temperatures, the stove isn’t quite as efficient and burns more fuel, so you’ll want to know where it’s going. | Trangia Burner on Amazon
  • Voile Ski Straps | $6.50
    Infinitely versatile and practically indestructible, these straps can be used to lash gear to any part of the bike while bikepacking. | Ski Straps from Voile
  • ESI Chunky Grips | $19
    These silicone grips are comfortable and easy on the hands and wrists, even when riding gloveless. We rock these on both our bikepacking and trail bikes. |
  • GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker | $10
    For backcountry coffee, GSI’s solution is our favorite as it weighs next to nothing, packs small, and can be used with whatever cup/mug/container you have on-hand. We enjoyed it on our recent trip over the continental divide. | Java Drip from GSI
  • Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring | $20
    Metal wedding bands are uncomfortable and easy to lose when taking off. For the married among us, Qalo rings come with a zippered soft case for holding the real deal while you’re adventuring. |
  • Custom Headset Cap | $15
    Add a personalized touch to any bikepacker’s rig with a customized headset cap. |
  • 3M Protection Film | $14
    Keeping your bike’s paint from getting destroyed in wet, muddy or dusty conditions can be a challenge with the tiny stickers you can buy at bike shops, which only really work for minor rub-spots. A roll of this stuff is more economical and a perfect way cut, peel, and stick your own custom frame guards. | 3M Film on Amazon

Gifts for $25 – $50

Bikepacking in Giro DND gloves
Giro DND Gloves after a long weekend bikepacking
  • Giro DND Gloves | $25
    After riding with these for more than a year, I can’t say I’ve found a better glove than the Giro DND “Down And Dirty”. They’re light, durable, and good-looking to boot. If they’re covered in grime after a trip, just toss them in the wash – ours have held up great to repeated cycles. | DND Gloves from Giro
  • Spyderco Ladybug 3 Hawkbill Knife | $42
    Don’t let the name or size fool you, this knife fights way above its weight class. In fact, Craig recently used it to saw through a knotted strap that was large enough to pull a few 4×4 trucks out of the mud. | Spyderco Ladybug on Amazon
  • Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger | $40
    Perfect for multi-day trips requiring extra charge for cameras, phones, etc. This lightweight, small package can bring an iPhone back to life…twice. | Flip 20 from Goal Zero
  • Toaks Titanium 600ml Pot | $28.50
    Boiling water on the go for dehydrated meals or coffee is a necessity. TOAKS’ pot is incredibly light and features a collapsible handle, lid, and even an included storage baggy. This size easily fits in a standard framebag without causing leg-rub – we also found the 600ml to be a better fit for our stoves. | TOAKS Pot on Amazon

Gifts for $50 – $100

Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag - Expanded - The Dropper Post
Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag
  • Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag | $65
    This bag is a fantastic addition to any bike with the right frame clearance, and certainly impressed us on our last overnight trip. Check out our review of the Blackpost Outpost line for more details. | Outpost Bags from Blackburn Design
  • Aeros Premium Pillow | $70
    A pillow may seem like a superfluous addition to an ultralight bikepacking kit, but it’s a welcome luxury after hours on the trail. This packable, inflatable pillow even has a nifty valve system to let you dial-in the right firmness. | Sea to Summit Pillow from REI
  • Surly Long Sleeve Merino Wool Jersey | $140
    Wool has excellent warmth in wet conditions and natural anti-bacterial qualities to keep you smelling (somewhat) nice on the trail. Surly’s Wool Jersey (available in Women’s and Men’s) features a long-cut back and rear zip-pocket for a riding-specific fit. When temperatures dipped into the 40’s on our recent trip over the continental divide, this jersey (in conjunction with an ultralight rain shell) kept me warm. | Surly Gear

Gifts for $100+

Big Agnes UL3 Tent
The Big Agnes Flycreek UL3 on the trail in Colorado
  • Big Agnes Flycreek HV Series Tents | $350-400
    Yes, Big Agnes tents are lightweight, pack-able, and damn cool looking. But the best part is their stellar customer service. I’ve used the Flycreek UL3 (3-Person) for the past three years and Big Agnes has been incredibly helpful with replacements and repairs: once for a small defect, and once for a giant hole I put in the fly. I’m looking forward to using my smaller, 1-person Flycreek UL1 HV this year. | Fly Creek Tents from Big Agnes
  • Park Tool Bike Stand (PCS-10) | $185 
    Bikepacking puts additional wear and tear on the bike, so tune-ups are frequent and necessary. I’ve used this stand for a few years and appreciate the simplicity, adjust-ability and build quality. | Park Tool Stand on Amazon
  • Montbell Superior Down Parka | $169
    A recent addition to my pack, I found this puffer to be a nice compromise between compress-ability, weight, durability and warmth. Featuring a 10-denier outer, 800-fill power down and full-zip front, this coat will be a regular item in my pack during chilly months and whenever the forecast looks questionable. | Superior Down from Montbell

Did we miss something?

Have a great holiday gift idea for bikepackers that we didn’t mention? Drop us a comment and let us know what you’d recommend – and why!

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