Podcast Episode #3: White Rim Prep

The Dropper Post Bikepacking Podcast
#3: White Rim Prep
“It’s going to be a bikepacking trip with zero singletrack”

Garret and Craig discuss their upcoming winter bikepacking trip to the White Rim Trail and talk through some of their gear choices. Subscribe to the Dropper Post Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or our RSS Feed to get the next episode delivered right to your device.

Stay tuned for the next podcast, featuring recordings from the White Rim Trail.

Music by Ryan Little


  1. Ryan McGavock Reply

    Hey y’all, great ep! I’m a winter camping noob as well (and a cold weather wuss like Craig). Completely baffled as to how to pack all of that volume on a bike. Definitely interested to see/hear about the aftermath of your trip.

    • Craig Draayer Reply

      Thanks Ryan! We’ll definitely give a full run down on how it goes. Should be a pretty tight squeeze on my Kona Process!

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