Episode #4: Bikepacking the White Rim Road

The Dropper Post Bikepacking Podcast
#4: Bikepacking the White Rim Road
“Water: vitally important when biking in the desert”

In the 1950’s, the Atomic Energy Commission constructed a road in Southern Utah, in an area that would later become Canyonlands National Park, to allow access for Uranium mining. When little ore was found and the mines were abandoned, they left a beautiful – and rugged – 100-mile road that snakes along the edge of canyons and below Island in the sky, a giant mesa that looms above the road.

With its massive canyons, natural arches and beautiful view, the White Rim Road has become a destination for adventure-seeking 4WD enthusiasts and mountain bikers. Permits have long been required for overnight users, but in 2015 the park moved to a day-use permitting system to ensure a better experience and reduce damage to the environment. In the more desirable seasons of spring and fall, demand for backcountry trips to the White Rim exceeds supply and permits are difficult to come by – but not in the winter, making it the perfect time for a bikepacking trip.

See photos from Garret and Craig’s bikepacking trip on the White Rim Road in February below.

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