Episode #7: Nick Legan of Adventure Cyclist Magazine

The Dropper Post Bikepacking Podcast
#7: Nick Legan on Bikepacking the Tour Divide

“You need to think of yourself like a baby’s bottom.”

You couldn’t find a more fascinating resume than that of Nick Legan, a Boulder local who joined us in-studio for the latest episode of The Dropper Post. Nick has spent time as a road racer, World Tour mechanic, bike shop owner and writer. He has attempted the Tour Divide twice (2013 and 2015) and is now training for his third attempt at the brutalizing 2,750-mile route this year. Nick is currently the Technical Editor for Adventure Cyclist Magazine and also journals his experiences on his own blog, Rambleur.

We met Nick at a local bikepacking clinic  – he was presenting that night, and we were floored by his custom Boulder-built Mosaic bikepacking rig complete with a beautiful tangerine orange finish. We caught up with him after the event, and a few emails later, Nick agreed to join us in the Dropper Post studio for an episode of the podcast. In addition to having exceptional taste in bike aesthetics, Nick is also an accomplished rider, super gear nerd, whiskey drinker and generally great guy to hang out with.

On this week’s episode, Nick talks about his journey from roadie-mechanic to divide-riding journalist, his gear decisions for the race and what gets him excited in bikepacking gear. Don’t miss Nick’s next appearance on the pod – subscribe to the Dropper Post Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or our RSS Feed to get more bikepacking goodness delivered right to your phone.

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