#9: Craig Fowler, One of Seven Project

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#9: Craig Fowler, One of Seven Project

“Every time I do something, the goals get bigger…”

Everyone has their own story on how they started bikepacking. Craig Fowler’s story started with a love of bike racing and thru-hiking. After completing the “Triple Crown” of thru-hiking – the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Coast Trail, and Continental Divide Trail – Craig turned his energy toward bikepacking. In 2017, he rode 4,208 miles to complete the Tour Divide, Colorado Trail and Arizona Trail in a single year. This makes him, as he puts it, “one of seven billion” to complete 11,600 miles of combined thru-hikes and bikepacking trips. Craig was recently named one of bikepacking.com’s “Ultra-Achievers” of the year.

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