#10: Johs Huseby, Wilderness Trail Bikes

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#10: Johs Huseby, Wilderness Trail Bikes

“What you get with a good tubeless setup, to me, is just a phenomenal riding experience…”

On this episode, we’re talking tires with Johs Huseby, Global OEM Sales Manager and Product Development at Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB). In 2014, WTB introduced one of the tires that sparked the plus-tire market, the Trailbazer 2.8. Today, WTB offers plenty of bikepacking-worthy tire sizes and designs, from their Resolute gravel tire to their burlier offerings like the Ranger and Trailboss. We talk with Johs about how tires are made, what makes a great tread, and some tire-tips you can use to make your next bikepacking trip better.

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