The Fun/Suffer Divide

Capturing the spirit of bikepacking in film is difficult – aside from the required skills, equipment and time to shoot and edit a film, bikepackers also have to contend with carrying the gear while they ride. Needless to say, it’s great to see people shooting bikepacking films that nail the feeling of being on the trail with your friends. A new film, The Fun/Suffer Divide does just that, highlighting the experience of bikepacking a stretch of the Continental Divide Trail. The film was shot with support from the folks at, who reached out to us to spread the news about the project. In their own words:

“The Fun/Suffer Divide: Exploring Conservation through Participation,” follows Chris Shalbot, Scott Rinkenberger, and Justin Olsen mountain biking over 200 miles of the Continental Divide Trail between Montana and Idaho. What makes their journey unique is their method: To avoid lugging around bikepacking equipment, they staged Yeti coolers every few days for fresh supplies.

Enough said – we think you’ll enjoy the 10-minute film as much as we did.

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