#11: Nick & Kristen Legan, Rambleur Rising

#11: Nick & Kristen Legan, Rambleur Rising

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Back for a second time on The Dropper Post is Nick Legan, writer for Adventure Cyclist Magazine and the author of Gravel Cycling: The Complete Guide to Gravel and Adventure Bikepacking. Joining Nick on today’s show is Kristen Legan, head Coach of Rambleur rising – an endurance coaching business she started with a focus on gravel racing. Kristen is a former pro triathlete, Dirty Kanza podium finisher and Elite Cyclocross Racer. We all huddled around a microphone at Nick and Kristen’s house to talk about Nick’s latest attempt at the Tour Divide, inflatable pillows, Pie Town, and a magical place called the Toaster House. We also covered the basics of training for gravel racing and bikepacking, what it’s like to write a book about bikes, and more.

If you’re looking to train for a gravel race or need to build endurance for a bikepacking event, you can get in touch with Nick and Kristen at Rambleur.com, where you can also pick up your own copy of Gravel Cycling.

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